A list of the best football clubs in the world

Want to improve your soccer knowledge for those pub quizzes? Well then browse below to discover a few of the very best soccer teams across the world.

Football. The beautiful game as it is often called, is a craze that never seems to fade. It’s level of popularity around the globe is ever-growing. As a consequence, there are vast numbers of football clubs vying to remain at the top of world football. European football clubs reign over the list of the most successful clubs in history. Participating in some of the top football leagues grants them an advantage over their global counterparts. Arsenal and its owner understand just how essential participating in a competitive league is to success. With 45 trophies, the English giant which is distinguished for its appealing style of soccer, is one of the most victorious clubs playing today. Having won over a dozen league titles, the club is also renowned for being the only soccer club to have carried out a season whilst not losing a single game.

Just who are the most successful football clubs in the world? Well, there are quite a few that have won lots of trophies. But if you’re searching for the most successful club in the world, then just one single team comes out on the top. FC Barcelona and its president are proud of the fact that the club has won a record 93 trophies. The most decorated football club in the world is lucky to have one of the greatest footballers ever on its roster, along with one of the most respected youth academies around. Multiple league championships and champions league trophies, the club’s winning history can frequently seem unbelievable, but it is not. The Spanish super club has achieved what other clubs can only dream of. Although it is still to be seen if they shall stay the most successful club in history, they're extremely most likely to continue adding to their winning total in the coming years.

Football is, unquestionably, the most preferred sport on earth. Loved by millions from all walks of life in all corners of the globe, the team sport steadily remains the most followed game on earth. It’s so popular that little boys, and even girls, everywhere take up the game in hopes of transforming into a pro player someday and play for a bunch of of the most successful football clubs in the world. Clubs like AC Milan and its owner understand just how renowned they are due to the success of the club since its inception. With 48 trophies claimed over the course of its history, the Italian club is without doubt one of the best to ever play the sport. Its triumphs consist of a number of league titles and Champions League trophies – two of the most desired trophies in world football – so it’s easy to understand why they are so celebrated.

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